Anne visits Malta – Pastizzi

Pastizzi is my most favorite food when I arrive in Malta.  I have had them for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.  My problem is that unless I lived in Astoria, NY or Ontario, Canada, I am unable to enjoy these pastries here in the States.  Those two places I mentioned have a large contingent of Maltese people and there are Maltese bakers there who know how to make Pastizzi.

Actually, they don’t seem too hard to make; even the internet has the recipe. Just phillo dough wrapped around ricotta with peas. However, I and many others have attempted to make them to no avail.  They just don’t end up like the Pastizzi that I buy in Malta, from small bakeries and they are so inexpensive!! They are about 3 for 1 Euro.

One time I even attempted to bring a dozen home.  I asked the bakery to freeze a dozen for me the night before and when we were ready to leave, I picked them up, packed them well, and hoped for the best in travel.

Of course, my luggage was lost in transit (surprise!) and I received my Pastizzi two days later. Since they had been frozen for the traveling segment, they were not too bad and yes, I did eat them. and , I’m still alive!!

They are really good!!!! Yummy!! My mouth is watering just writing about them!pastizzi.JPG


About Anne Pflug

I presently live in Venice Florida but was born on the island of Malta. I have relatives there and visit quite often. I am in the process of writing a travelogue and memoir about my visits and memories of Malta. I would like to use my blog to show the many photos I have taken and the beautiful sights that I have seen in Malta.
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