The Magic of Tides

photo by Anne PflugI  guess most of us take low and high tides for granted. Living with tides every day makes one aware of our connection to the moon and the amazing force it has on us here on earth and the waters that surround us. I was lucky enough to observe the tides at Nova Scotia and the surrounding areas but even here in Maine I was touched by the ‘magic’ of the moon creating such a force on a daily basis.

photo by Anne PflugWe do live on a magical planet.


About Anne Pflug

I presently live in Venice Florida but was born on the island of Malta. I have relatives there and visit quite often. I am in the process of writing a travelogue and memoir about my visits and memories of Malta. I would like to use my blog to show the many photos I have taken and the beautiful sights that I have seen in Malta.
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