A Cactus Fence

photo by Anne Pflug

While touring in Aruba this spring, I noticed that the residents made use of all the cactus growing there by creating living cactus fencing.

They simply dug a ditch in the area where the fence was to be located. Then, they picked out similar vertical cactus, cut it carefully and, after wetting the ditch, placed the cactus upright, in place.

After a while, the cactus rooted and “voila” a living cactus fence. I thought it to be a very creative way to use a plants that grew all over and instead of cutting them down as weeds, used them for a very practical purpose.

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A Sun Halo

It was noon on Princess Cays and I was enjoying a beautiful day. Then, everyone started looking up and, of course, everyone was taking photos. I looked up and saw the image above. Neither I nor anyone I talked to had seen this before. We were all speculating as to what it was.

Only after I connected with friends on Facebook did I get the answer, a Sun Halo, supposedly predicting rain or snow. It was such a unique and beautiful sight to see!

I hope to have the opportunity to see this again.

A sun halo seen at noon at Princess Cay.

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Sarasota Bay

Foggy and dreary but beautiful in its own way.

Sarasota Bay, on the west coast of Florida is always a pleasure to visit, no matter what the weather. I was going for a sunset….

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El Morro

photo by Anne Pflug

El Morro – ever protecting Puerto Rico

Recently I had the chance to revisit Puerto Rico and spent most of my time touring the fort called El Morro. This six story fortress was created by Spain in the 16th Century to guard a most important harbor in the New World.  I was impressed by the beauty of the structure.  Even though it was mainly a utilitarian building, there is a beauty to it as exemplified by the small decorated structure on the left.  If ever in PR, be sure to spend some time here.  It is well worth it!

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Easter Sunday – 2018

photo by Anne Pflug

Easter Sunday on the Caribbean

6:56 Easter Sunday morning.  somewhere on the Caribbean.  All’s well with the world!

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Today, while hiking in Emerson Point Preserve, Manatee County, Florida, I spied this beautiful Osprey couple taking care of their nest.  Don’t know if there were eggs in it; it was too high, but I enjoyed seeing how faithful they seemed on their job!!

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photo by Anne Pflug

Ospreys on their nest

photo by Anne Pflug

Ospreys guarding their nest

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Anne visits Malta -Seven story Street

photo by Anne Pflug

Seven story Street

Malta, the country where I was born, tends to be very hilly in some places. Case in point.  The last time I was there, I spent time in a hotel  in Mellieha. The Preluna Hotel and Spa occupied seven stories and all of them went out to the street. The street itself is made up of steps, seven stories worth and all the  floors had an exit to the street. It had swimming pools on three levels, all streetside. At first it was very confusing and hard to imagine. Once we got used to it, it had advantages.  No matter what floor you were on, you can walk out to the street on that floor.                                                                This not the only very hilly street in Malta,  the capital city, Valetta, also has its share.  Walking around town becomes an exhausting experience.

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An Evening in Venice, Fl

photo by Anne Pflug

Sunset in August 1

photo by Anne Pflug

Sunset in August in Venice, Fl

Just a regular evening; nothing surprising. However, I can’t help but get excited when I leave my house and look up at the sky and see such beautiful colors, blending into such a gorgeous picture.

Last night, at 8:15 pm, this is what I saw. Yes, it has become pretty common to be so impressed but that’s the reason I’m writing this – the fact that the norm is so fantastic.  I feel really lucky to expect such beauty on a daily basis and get it!

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Anne visits Malta – My Favorite Swimming Hole


photo by Anne Pflug

a swimming ‘hole’ in southwestern Malta

This is one of my favorite swimming areas in Malta.  A small island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is not lavish with sandy beaches.  Most of the swimming areas are rocky.  I like this specific spot because it is sheltered from the sea, surrounded by  rocky protection and the water is just the right depth for non-swimmers like me.

This spot is located  in the southwestern part of Malta, not heavily populated but well worth reaching.  Even after you arrive at the spot, somewhere between the Dingli Cliffs and the Blue Grotto, there are a multitude of steps to take you from the road to the water, but, once you’re in the water, especially on a very hot day, typical of Maltese summers, it is Paradise!!

btw. if anyone from Malta knows the exact name of this place, I would like to know it.

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Maine’s First Ship, The Virginia

photos by Anne Pflug

Reconstruction of The Virginia

While visiting Bath, Maine recently, I had the opportunity to see the volunteer effort dedicated to building  a reconstruction of the 1607 Virginia.  Thirteen years before the Pilgrims, Englishmen landed and established a colony identified in documents as Ft. St. George  on the Kennebec River. The colonists constructed the small ship but later abandoned the colony and returned to England. History shows that the Virginia returned and successfully reached its sister colony Jamestown.
I bet you did not know that.
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